Activities at Bella Vista de Guerrero Ranch


The Estancia Bella Vista de Guerrero ofers the possibility of developing one diversified range of activities based on the wealth of his resources in the potentiality of their landscapes and in their complete equipment and facilities.

The activities can be recreational, sport, cultural and of knowledge of the rural productive activities - cattle raising and agriculture, as well as of the Creole tasks and skills those that can be done personal or group form, guided or free.

Estancia Bella Vista de Guerrero Guided activities:
Long walks by Park, Mount and River on foot, in bicycle or horse.
Circuits by the Field, for approach to the rural activity.
Participation in rural activities.

Visits to the Interpretation Center, nature, history and culture of the region.
Nocturnal long walks in summer by the mount in moon-lits night.
Cavalcades with Creole horses.
Strolls in gillnet.

Estancia Bella Vista de Guerrero Free activities:
Practice of soccer, volleybol and tennis.
Swimming (In summer).
It fishes in the Salty River.
Long walks.
Playful and recreational activities: pool, chess, naipes, backgamon, ping pong, croquet, toad, metegol and table games.

Estancia Bella Vista de Guerrero Special activities to program:
Practices of Golf in proximity.
You practice in automobile race track.
Aerostatic balloon flights.
Search of the Treasure.
Creole skills
Musical spectacles

Area of Relax with programming:
Tension relieving massage, relax, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, face, with hot stones and essential oils.
Two cabins for hidromasaje.
Skillful Scot.