Landscapes from Bella Vista de Guerrero Ranch


In a stunning natural frame, four are the landscapes featuring Bella Vista:

The Countryside 
In complete agro productive activity and in a modern enterprise management exhibits a complete cycle of livestock-breeding and wintering-and agriculture - wheat, corn, sunflower, sorghum, soybeans which make it possible to offer various landscapes productive depending on the season.

The Park
Designed more than a century ago, articulates a landscape of native and exotic species, areas and buildings have been

revalued since 2000. The arboretum, the Central Park oval with their “Tipas” and the lagoon, the fruit trees, the path of “Robles” and the Interpretation Center allow an investigation of the Botanical Pampeano´s Universe.

The River
Imposing and with zigzag moves, sometimes strong and others calm, breaks into the Pampa and flashes in the evenings as a mirror. We can find samples of ancient snails in its banks, to observe the activity of birds-herons, cigueñas, flamingos and spoonbills, visualize hares, ñandúes, otters and capybaras and native trout fishing, carpas, smooth and pejerreyes depending on the season.

The Woodland
A native wood of 50 hectareas an estimated age by an ecologist for more than 500 years presents us with trees more emblematic of the region pampeana (talas, sombras de toro, ombúes, saúcos y coronillos). Sounds by the “Zorzales”, Calandrias an Picazurros. And perhaps you can see the “lady” deer. In this wood, one of the few places that still exist is where Argentina plays the butterfly endangered species taken as a symbol of Estancia. During the summer tours by the wood you will see an intense wave of celestial setting up a beautiful landscape and missed.